A trip to Bremen and Hamburg

The closed Beta test of Rememeber365 is running now and you can register here: https://remember-365.com/ to try it out yourself!

This summer we went for a weekend trip to Bremen and Hamburg. When the days get colder and shorter I love to scrap my summer pictures. Even though our summer was not so good this year, it was still better than the weather is now. It makes me feel much better when I look at those pictures than outside the window when everything is gray & rainy.

For creating this page I used Remember365. It helps you create pages on your Laptop (later also on your mobile phone) and exports your page to either 12×12 or (what I prefer) 6×4 pictures to be ready to print. Here is what my digital page looked like:


And this is what the exported files looked like:
2014-11-07 20_39_32-r365_Dinslaken_print

And here comes the final page:

It is so easy to use and so much fun as I can still use my non-digi products aswell. Do you want to give it a try? closed beta is still in progress and you can register here: https://remember-365.com/

Scraps N Pieces Blogtrain Oct ’14 & more freebies

Welcome to the SNP Blogtrain in october!

After a few month not joining the blogtrain I finally had some time to participate again! Here is my part of the blogtrain:

If your are looking for some more freebies, please click have a look on r365’s facebook page.

There you can find those two freebies for you to download:

Thanks so much for stopping by!

DOWNLOAD blogtrain freebie

you can find all stops on SNP’s blog

silhouette print & cut script – now available for photoshop elements!

This script prepares pages for the print & cut feature from your digital stash. It works with photoshop CS / CC and photoshop elements 12. Feel free to try other versions too.

Download WIN | MAC

A Script is a living document, i will improve it over time. If you like to get informed about updates, please subscribe


How it works

a short video so you can see the script in action

detailed how-to:

  1. create one folder with all elements you want to print & cut.
  2. open a new document in photoshop that fits your silhouette print area (and save this document as *.psd)
  3. run the script
  4. select one element from your folder, the script will go through ALL images in this folder.
  5. the pages plus a mask for every page is saved in the same folder as your document
  6. open the mask in silhouette
  7. trace the mask
  8. add your page directly over the mask in silhouette studio
  9. print & cut
  10. enjoy!


You want to know how to install this script? Find the instruction here: installation guide for photoshop scripts by allerliebsteanika.de

New Installation guide for Scripts you find at allerliebsteanika.de

Hello everyone,

I am sooo excited that i FINALLY found a better way to sort and use my scripts! From now on, you will get ACTIONS that will call the script. Actions are so much easier to install, deinstall and sort then scripts! I hope you will love the change as much as i do.


With this change there is now a new installation guide of course:


  1. Download the zip for MAC or WIN
  2. Unpack the ZIP file
  3. Copy everything to C:\ on a WIN system and to your harddrive folder on a mac
  4. Find the *.atn file in the folder and drag & drop it to photoshop or photoshop elements
  5. Find your new action in the action panel!


All old scripts will be packed into actions some day, but it is not done yet, so please be patient.