A trip to Bremen and Hamburg

The closed Beta test of Rememeber365 is running now and you can register here: https://remember-365.com/ to try it out yourself!

This summer we went for a weekend trip to Bremen and Hamburg. When the days get colder and shorter I love to scrap my summer pictures. Even though our summer was not so good this year, it was still better than the weather is now. It makes me feel much better when I look at those pictures than outside the window when everything is gray & rainy.

For creating this page I used Remember365. It helps you create pages on your Laptop (later also on your mobile phone) and exports your page to either 12×12 or (what I prefer) 6×4 pictures to be ready to print. Here is what my digital page looked like:


And this is what the exported files looked like:
2014-11-07 20_39_32-r365_Dinslaken_print

And here comes the final page:

It is so easy to use and so much fun as I can still use my non-digi products aswell. Do you want to give it a try? closed beta is still in progress and you can register here: https://remember-365.com/