silhouette print & cut script

This script prepares pages for the print & cut feature from your digital stash. It works with photoshop CS / CC.

Download PS | PSE not available yet

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How it works

a short video so you can see the script in action

detailed how-to:

  1. create one folder with all elements you want to print & cut.
  2. open a new document in photoshop that fits your silhouette print area (and save this document as *.psd)
  3. run the script
  4. select one element from your folder, the script will go through ALL images in this folder.
  5. the pages plus a mask for every page is saved in the same folder as your document
  6. open the mask in silhouette
  7. trace the mask
  8. add your page directly over the mask in silhouette studio
  9. print & cut
  10. enjoy!


You want to know how to install this script? Find the instruction here: project life script I – add a photo

4 Responses

  1. I would love a video with your voice telling me how to do this and also a bit slower because it looks great, thank you for sharing.

  2. I don’t quite get how this works yet but I look forward to trying it out! I guess the big issue for me with Print & Cut prep in Photoshop is making sure I’ll be inside the registration marks when I transfer to the Silhouette. Does this script take that into account? It looked like it lined up really well in your video.

    • anika

      Hey Scrumptious,
      Before i run the script i make sure that the size of my photoshop mat will fit into my reg marks. then it works. And yes, i know the video isn’t that easy to understand, i am working on that :)

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